Employment Screening


Employment Screening
The cost of employing the wrong people at any level within your organisation can be astronomical. We have a client on our books who employed a middle manager who, in their words they thought was “God sent” until the MD stumbled upon an email that triggered a month long cyber and forensic investigation.


The new guy had a bad reputation for financial fraud in the industry after working for three of the main competition in the sector. Our client lost over 10 million naira and the guy was never found. This situation would have been discovered before employment if only the company conducted a simple background screening.


GHN offers a comprehensive package of background screening service that helps employers to mitigate various risks related to employees, business partners and vendors.


We use various methods to search and verify employment history, educational qualifications, work history, place of residence, next of kin and others. We offer periodic or one off background checking services based on our clients requirement.

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