Investigation Services


You may wonder why people use private investigators, the answer is simple. People and organisations often find themselves in positions that require that they know the absolute facts about a given situation and where the people concerned are not willing to provide the information they call on private detectives.


GHN provides discreet and highly professional private investigation services to companies and private individuals in Nigeria. We have a team of experienced professionals drawn from the Police, Military, Information technology and Security backgrounds to ensure that our clients get the best service and the outcomes that they desire.


Private Clients
In several cases our clients are at a point of emotional turmoil when they call us. We often deal with complicated situations within families, relationships or marriage. At GHN understand the sensitivity of these issues so we ensure privacy at all times during and after engagements with our clients.


Corporate Clients
Businesses often go though a lot of difficult challenges especially where money and company resources are related. These problems range from employee fraud to theft and industrial espionage. Our team of experienced
private investigators are able to deliver specialist services required to bring commercial or corporate investigations to the right conclusion.


Legal Clients
We assist legal practitioners in obtaining information and evidence to assist with various Litigation, Criminal Defence and Appeal matters. We always provide reliable and credible evidence to our clients in acceptable formats for all courts.


We often use surveillance in a number of situations to verify and collect evidence. In other achieve our aims and bring back valuable information for our clients, we use a combination of highly skilled operatives and electronic technology (GPS tracking, digital listening and video devices) to ensure discreet and accurate intelligence gathering.


Relationship Investigations
If you suspect that of your partner being unfaithful, it is often the not-knowing that cause emotional distress. Our investigators can track your partner online and offline with complete discretion to either confirm your suspicions or hopefully put your mind at ease.


Private Security Services
When you really need to ensure your environment and assets remain secure, our bespoke range of private security services from CCTV to personal protection is what you need to ensure the utmost level of safety is in place. Our services are not limited or exclusive to the field of private investigations, we provide holistic security consultancy services for our clients.

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