Security Consultancy


GHN provides a range of security consulting services for our clients, these includes, Security risk assessment, Security planning and management, Facility security, Electronic security deployment and more


Security Risk Assessment
Every organization has a duty to protect property and people on their premises. The objective of a detailed security risk assessment is to have an holistic understanding and blue print of the existing security situation and security gaps across the entire organisation. Implementing security strategies without having detailed insight into what you currently have on ground can be costly and ineffective. There are however basic steps that you can take with the assistance of experienced security consultants to identify areas of risk across the organisation and also how best to approach and tackle such issues.


Security Plannning
After conducting a thorough security risk analysis the development of a security master plan for the entire organisation should be the next stage. We can assist your organisation in developing an enterprise-wide security master plan which will address issues identified during the security risk assessment stage.
Our approach is focused on identifying keys issues, descovering and mapping out solutions to security gaps will reducing overall cost of implementation.


Your security master plan may include some or all of the items below:

  • Security Management and Administration
  • Security Personnal Recruitment Strategy
  • Security Supervision and Training Plan
  • Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Intrusion Detection Strategy
  • Surveillance Planning
  • Access Control and visitor management
  • Security Lighting Assessment
  • Security Integration
  • Security Operations and Command Center Management
  • Crisis Response and Emergency Preparedness


Facility Security Solutions
The thinking and planning process for the security of buildings needs to be established and put in place during the initial stages of building design and not after. During this critical thinking stage, the design team must take seriously the issue of operation and integration of the various types of security solutions in order to get the desired result.


Where design and planning of security for a facility is not carried out at the right stage; two things will happen in that facility, more money than necessary will be spent on security and the overall security of the building will not be effective.


This is where an organisation like Great Heights come into the picture. We look at the entire facility from the ground up using our proprietary – risk assessment model which covers deterrent, prevention and apprehension. This process leads to a comprehensive plan for implementing a robust security solution that integrates with other functions within the facility.

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